The Z Family


I have had the honor of photographing the Z family since little mister’s newborn session.  This Momma shares my love of photos and makes sure to schedule family photos each year.   In the summer we usually start planning the next session for their family so they are sure to get updated portraits for their home and of course some in time for holiday cards.

This year I got to see them a little earlier then normal, as Daddy will be gone on deployment for the next 11 months.  I, admittedly, had a difficult time trying to “keep it together” preparing for this session….being an Army wife myself I know how hard deployments can be.  I knew I had to get these portraits perfect for them…so I scoured the internet for inspiration, spent hours chatting with Mom discussing details and sharing ideas…..every Pinterest board and planning session left me a sniffling mess.

In the end we opted for a traditional family portraits instead of pre-deployment style photos and I am happy to report I held it together for the session…lol.  I hope that when they are missing one another that they can look to these photos and remember the giggles and happiness shared this day and look forward to making new memories when Daddy gets home.

Be safe and come home quick.

We are so very thankful for your sacrifice Z family.



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