Sunflowers and Miss Morgan turns T-W-O! – Jacksonville Children’s Photographer – Simply Newborn Photography

 I am not one to promise something and not deliver that promise.  In fact I try to exceed my clients expectations with each session.  This year many of you signed up for the Hampton Flower Fields, between the drought and the relentless heat the field bloomed and died much quicker than normal.

Now I am a woman of my word, if I promise you a field of full of yellow flowers, you’re getting a field of yellow flowers!  You will not get photoshopped flowers from previous years and an empty field with one tiny patch of white flowers left.  Having to cancel these session was heartbreaking for you that signed you and me too!

My back-up plan was to shoot in the Amazing Grace Sunflower Field.  Welllll wouldn’t you know.  Drought killed it too, most of their flowers never bloomed.

Fast forward a month and a Facebook post caught my eye.  It was Connor’s A-maize-ing Acres advertising Sunflowers!!  I just knew it was too good to be true because we hadn’t seen rain in months!  I messaged them anyway to see if you they had a few flowers left.  Well much to my surprise they not only had a few left, they had a bountiful field!!  I immediately reserved a day to come out and shoot a few sessions including Miss Morgan and her brothers!

I even got a my own kids to cooperate for a few shots!!

You can view Miss Morgan and her brothers entire gallery here!

Enjoy this beautiful session in the Sunflowers and watch for more….


I will leave you with a little Throw Back Thursday for Princess Pea…because I am in awe at how big she has gotten!!