Summer is coming to an end…. | Pregnancy reveal | Jacksonville Newborn Photographer


When my sister told me she was expecting her second child, I knew the reveal session would have to be amazing!!  Hours of brainstorming and scouring Pinterest looking for inspiration and I just kept seeing the same things over and over.  I wanted to do something unique and fun for this reveal.

While bouncing ideas back and forth and playing with different sayings one day while on the phone with my dear sis, the phrase “Summer is coming to an end.  But…soon I’ll have a brand new friend” popped out of my mouth!  Guess all that rhyming in First grade pays off!

It was only fitting that we had a pool and summer themed reveal because Little Mr. B has recently become obsessed with his boogie board…so the planning and session design began to make this vision come true!

I am so happy with how it turned out!  We also tried out a new way to reach you guys with our first FaceBook Live video…it was a lot of fun!  I hope you were able to log in a watch the process.  If not you can Check it out here!  here!   I look forward to offering more in the future.

I am always asked how long my sessions are…well they aren’t timed.  This session lasted about 9 minutes start to finish.  YES you really can get amazing pictures in less than 10 minutes!!  You have to plan ahead and go in with a specific vision and a plan…and a backup plan, just in case!

Little ones are not going to cooperate for an hour long session so why waste your precious time by promising a certain number of minutes.  Instead, we promise you high quality images, regardless of how long it takes.

So if you are a little put off that we don’t offer sessions by the half hour and hour, that’s why.  We take the time that’s needed to get the images you will love….10 minutes or 45….whatever it takes.


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