Jes & Tom- Downtown Jacksonville Engagement Session – Simply Newborn Photography

Jes & Tom- Downtown Jacksonville Engagement Session - Simply Newborn Photography

My baby sister is getting MARRIED!  When my sister got engaged I knew I had to gift her an engagement session.  I have been dying to do an urban session, so I suggested we find a rooftop downtown for her session.

I was a little bummed when it was a grey gloomy day, cause you all know how I love my dreamy sunlight.   However the day ended up being perfect because it was a holiday so Downtown was a ghost town!  Score!!

I have always loved the colors and textures of downtown architecture, but I maybe addicted now!

I wanted to share the message I posted to my personal facebook this summer:

“This week Chris and I celebrate two anniversaries, 21 years together and 18 years married.

People say, wow, 21 years, how do you do it?

Honestly, I would be a big fat lair if I said marriage was easy. Honestly, marriage is hard, and it is wonderful and awful and scary and monotonous and adventurous at any given moment.

Some days you will look at your spouse and feel so much love that the thought of losing them makes it hard to breathe. Other days you struggle even to like them.

There is no magic. I don’t have a shiny pearl of wisdom. All I can say is to remember that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. You have to commit to find the lesson in every situation, good, bad or otherwise. If you can’t find the lesson you aren’t done learning from it yet.

We have experienced so much in 21 years. Some meant to strengthen us, some meant to destroy us. But at the end of the day he is my person and I am his.

Have I every wanted to throw in the towel…absolutely. But my momma didn’t raise a quitter.”

So dearest sister, I wish you love, happiness, friendship and buckets of laughter.   May your worst days make you invincible and your best days make you legendary!

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