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Military life isn’t for the weak. Deployment sucks.  The days feel like years.   It is truly one of the hardest thing a family can go through, something only those who have experienced can understand.

You wear your bravest face because you’re walking a fine line between keeping it together and breaking down.  You worry every moment of every day.  You live for the next phone call or care package, because sometimes it is enough to keep you going….it means they’re alright.

Then one day you get a call “I am coming home!” ….all thoes months of care packages and FaceTime are finished.  You finally get to make your life complete again.

How your heart beats so hard the moment you see them for the first time in months…and the incredible love when you finally get that first hug and kiss.  Experiencing an reunion of a family that has sacrificed so many days and months apart is something truly moving.  I can still hear little man screaming “DaddyyyyY!”  when he saw his Daddy and realized just why we were at the airport to begin with.

The run to each other seemed like it was in slow motion.  The people around them melted away and then, just like that, all was right in the world.  This little guy had his BFF back!

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Thank you for sharing your family and homecoming with me <3 Z Family!

Welcome Home.

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