Gone fishin’

“The days are long but the years are short.”  Everyone says your kids are going to grow so fast. They really, really do. 

 I made a promise to myself that I’d take the time to not only shoot more “big camera” photographs of my children but actually edit and print them. We all have a million iPhone pics of our kids. But will we really be happy with only having these low quality phone pics in 20 years? I swear every time I get a new phone I lose half of my photos anyway! 

Even though I hated getting dressed up and hauled to K-Mart photo studio every year <barf> my parents took us to have our family photos taken at least once a year as kids. We have the horrid 80’s hair and fashion in prints to prove it!!
My daughter is always willing to get glammed up and do a photo shoot. My son…well he’d rather stay home and play.

 Since the summer I’ve been trying to coax him into a themed shoot. I don’t always like themes but he’s 8 and lets face it, there aren’t many years left that he will humor me. Well tonight he didn’t say no! So we gathered props and the camera and this was the adorable result! 

I hope you enjoy. ❤

*No fish were harmed during this photo shoot.  The glass was empty, my mad skills and Photoshop made that fish appear*  

Let me know if you need photographs of your littles. We don’t have many spring dates left.