Booking timeline -simply newborn photography – Jacksonville photographer

The question we are asked most frequently is “When should I book my session?”.  Below you will find a general guideline explaining booking timelines when working with a professional photographer.  

In general, for Maternity, Family and Children’s milestone sessions we recommend starting your search for a photographer 4-6 months prior to when you would like the session to take place. 

This will give you plenty of time to ask questions, compare services offered and really figure out what you want from the session as well as your budget.  Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for”. It’s really so so true.  

Once you’ve decided on the perfect photographer,  we would recommend contacting the photographer a minimum of two months ahead of time. Most professional photographers books months and months ahead, depending on whether they are a full time or part time photographer. We even know of a few local photographers who are booking 10-12 months out!! 

It is also important to know that some photographers only take on new clients only during certain times of the year and some open their calendar to current clients first, allowing new clients to book if there are spots left. So be sure to ask about booking policies and procedures when you are doing your initial search. 

 If we are your perfect photographer, our calendar typically books 2-3 months in advance for Maternity, Family and Children’s session. We only take 1-2 newborns a month, so newborns should definitely book at the beginning of the second trimester or 4-5 months before your due date.  

When it comes to holiday and Christmas themed sessions. Think October, yes we release and book our holiday and Santa session in the fall. If you wait until December it will be too late.  You may get lucky if it’s only Thanksgiving… maybe!

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