Christmas Newborn Giveaway Winner | Jacksonville Newborn Photographer | Simply Newborn Photographer

session winner Every year one of my favorite things to do is host our annual Christmas Newborn Session Giveaway.  Each year dozens of mommy’s to be,  Grandma’s and friends send in submissions telling why their respective expectant momma should be chosen to win the free session.

I usually get two types of entries.  The first kind are the  “here is why I am so awesome” entry and then there are the “here are all the reasons you should feel bad and choose me” entries and then there is everything in between, I have even had one liners… “I just want to win”  no name and no reason….”OK!  I choose you!  Sike!”

So every year I am tasked with reading all of the entries that come in and have to select a winner.  Fun and not so easy!!

Some years I will print out all the entries and read them to family and friends and ask for help choosing.   I have based my choice off of financial need, or I will look for a person who gives themselves and never asks for anything in return.  There is really no science to it, just what strikes me when I am reading the entries.  Once I have it narrowed down to a few I do some “recon” to kind of verify the stories…because sadly there are those who just take advantage and go around town getting free session after free session from unsuspecting photographers and there are people who have sent in complete fiction to try to win.  You’d be amazed what you can find out about someone with a basic Facebook search. 😉

This year’s winner actually had one of the most heartfelt entry I have ever read.  I have always said you can tell a lot about someone by how they write.  The love and compassion that this baby’s Dad has for his daughter and wife is INCREDIBLE!

Annnnnnyyyyway.  I had all but selected another winner when this late entry came in a day or so before the contest ended but their entry just blew all the others out of the water, so I changed my mind, because I am the boss and I can do that!!  So when you see our giveaways never say never…you may just win!

What an honor to have spent time getting to know them!  Thank you for entering E Family!